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Timmy!, A Story of Healing and Hope :)

Cancer, health, & Timmy's recovery

(updated 5/12/97)


    From 1986 to 1989 my brother was suffering from leukemia. During that time I did about 2000 hours of research that showed me that all cancers are not diseases in the classical sense, that is, caused by a "bug", and having one provable "cure". Rather, it is a symptom of the immune system crashing. A good explanation of how this works is found in "The Cancer Answer", by Al Carter. It is blacklisted in most book stores as it goes counter to the mega billion $$ AMA medical establishment, but it can be had thru the publisher & author, Al Carter, 800-748-4922; 801-377-0570 fax=377-0655 Amer.Institute of Reboundology. My brother was locked into the AMA belief system, and was poisoned to death during that time, dying a slow and painful death. The AMA diagnosis was based on the finding of "too many immature white blood cells". Their treatment was to poison the blood stream, killing the white cells, and also the red, and the platelets. His final death was a pre-Kavorkian agreement, where they connected two IV's to him running wide open. Since he had little platelets to clot the system, he basically bled to death in the brain over a period of some 6 hours. Kavorkian can be credited with bringing an end to suffering with much less or no pain compared to the means doctors have been using for many years, though quietly, without the press coverage or "controversy".\

    The holistic understanding is that the immature white blood cells are that way due to environmental and systemic poisoning, a constant state of malnourishment, and a life of stresses that were not dealt with in a constructive way. My brother worked at the downtown Chicago post office, as a supervisor on the loading dock, breathing in the truck fumes for years. He also ate virtually no fruits or vegetables, drank water from the tap that was brown from rust & other contamination, was never married, had no children, and other dysfunctional qualities. His personality was one of holding everything in, not venting or dealing with life stresses thru sports, hobbies or constructive counseling.

    The holistic treatment of the situation is that anything you can do to eliminate or reduce stressors, and increase the nutritional support will help. This includes using food with no artificial preservatives, the worst of which is ethoxyquin, use filtered, distilled or reverse osmosis drinking water to eliminate the chlorine & it's carcinogenic byproducts, and maximize nutrition on a daily basis, including using food from organic sources to avoid "designer poisons", which is what insecticides are. They are very toxic to all life, us as well as the bugs. The various recipes' people have developed in the attempt to provide increased nutrition to help in time of sickness are also very good. I go one step further in feeding the recipe to all my guys each evening to supplement the "normal" food. Also, Timmy eats very little solid food, so he has roughly 70cc/day of the recipe from a feeder or catheter syringe. These have a larger than normal opening that will pass the organic baby food that is not as smooth as Gerber's'. Lately he has improved to eating some out of a cup as well.

    Since water is the main component of our existence, NEVER drink tap water. Many cities very often violate EPA rules on water quality. Bottled water has NO standards it needs to meet at all! If you use a water softener, use potassium chloride to regenerate, not regular salt. This will remove the excess sodium and replace it with potassium which helps counter act the sodium which all processed food is loaded with. Potassium chloride is available from Home Depot (no, I don't work for them), and a growing number of stores as people request it. It costs more, but since not much is used, it amounts to only a couple of dollars a month. Chemically, it's KCl, where "regular" salt is NaCl. It's slightly lower on the activity level of the chemical periodic table of elements, so set your softener to use 12% more of KCl per re-generation, if you can. Else wise, you can just set it to regenerate slightly more often if you notice hard water at any time.

    I also have a reverse osmosis hooked up to the soft water (here in Phoenix, we have 22 grains of hardness, & most RO units don't want over 10 grains!). Soft water will make the membrane last much longer than if it was hooked up to hard water. Since the RO units take ALL minerals out of the water, I add back a controlled dose of minerals by adding a dash of Marine Minerals' co. Liquid Trace Minerals. (800-444-8077, 800-731-7985 ).

    If you don't have space or water pressure for a RO unit (as I don't when I'm in the motor home), I use a filter made by the Everpure co. that I got from Camping World. The Ametek company makes very good units also, including a counter top for apartments that now filters out lead and other heavy metals.


Timmy's specific story:

1/95; updated 5/96; updated 7/96

  • Timmys' story:

    Well hello; I've been reading the news letters for a couple of weeks now, and thought I might submit my efforts to so far successfully help my Timmy survive what in early Nov., 1994 was diagnosed by Dr. Susan Brown in Ill. as lymphoma.

    Timmy was getting lethargic & not eating when I was in Indiana (mid October, 1994, & a vet there thought it was a blockage so we went thru a week of Ferratone & baby Fleet enema twice a day. He started nibbling dry food then stopped. I was going to visit friends in Illinois anyway, so I Saw Dr. Susan Brown the ferret expert who took an Xray & thought she saw a blockage in his stomach, like a piece of phone cord (he had bitten clear thru one twice), & convinced me to operate. Once inside she felt the stomach was OK, but the lymph nodes were 10x normal size. She did a lab sample & said it looked like lymphoma.

    By the time I got to a vet they referred me to in Boulder, the lab confirmed it & said prognosis poor, treatment of no avail, 2-3 weeks expected to live. [ THE LAB REPORT ALSO SAID IT HAD SPREAD TO THE LIVER, HEPATIC METASTASIS!! ] My friend Mason, in Indiana, said Gerber turkey rice is the one her ferrets eat when nothing else works, so I had Timmy on that & an herbal tonic I found in Colo. on my way to Ind. The herbal tonic in water is the only thing he would consistently drink on his own. It is similar to KM or other products. Dr. Susan also prescribed Pet Tinic liquid vitamins 1/2cc 2x day, and Deliver 2.0 (which replaced isocal HCN) 6cc 3xday.

    By the time I got to Boulder to see Dr. McCluggage at the All Pets clinic there he said the lymphoma was 85% GONE! Dr. McCluggage does Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and acupuncture on 4 legged people! His name was given to me by Dr. Nye, Susan's' partner. He also added CoQ-10, the same people take, 30mg caps., 1/10 2xday, and Immuplex 4960 by Standard Process inc., 1/2 cap 2xday. This product I've found at a local health store , and am told many chiropractors prescribe it.

    So here is the recipe that has evolved for my Timmy that may help some of you who have sick little people. He would take some from a dish or spoon but the most seem to get in him by offering via a 35cc syringe with no needle, of course. I think maybe it stimulates a nursing reflex so he will eat some 5 to 20cc at a sitting, 3 or 4 times a day. This increased to over 35cc later as he got better:) I have available for his free taking, water with a table spoon of the herbal formula that has some 28 herbs and fruit extracts. Dr. Susan was familiar with 3/4 of them & said she was moving into that area as the AMA type medicine even for the vets had nothing good to offer for many cancers. In short I am applying some 2000 hours of research I did when my brother had leukemia. He had the AMA belief model though, and it poisoned him to death in 1989. Timmy does not have that handicap so he's doing much better.

Timmys' (origional) "super food":

1-     4oz jar Gerber Turkey rice, or chicken vegetable, organic is good if available.

1     tsp. clover honey 1/3rd can of Deliver 2.0 (any pharmacy can order), you can freeze remainder of can in Tupperware containers. [This can decrease if he gains too much weight later, leaving it out eventually.]

7    cc Chei Shei herbal tonic

    The contents of 2 caps of Immuplex 4960, Standard Process co., Palmyra, Wi. 53156; Available from Nature's Alternative; 602-941-0733; fax=602-994-0710

About 40% of a 30mg. CoQ-10 cap

1     Tsp. Ferratone

1    cc pet Tinic vitamins (vet or pet supply)

    Feed 20-40cc 2-4x day or what ever he will eat. When his chin gets wet we have to pause to wipe it dry, he likes to be neat! Afterwards he rubs & stretches on the carpet & seems to feel much better. He still sleeps more than the others, but he seems alert & in no pain, sleeping peacefully, so I'm glad he's here with me. The rest of the batch my other guys finish eagerly. I hope to perhaps visit Dr. Brown later this year with him mostly or fully recovered. It would be a mile stone in treatment for our little friends & family.

    One thing that really helped is my friend Mason in Ind. repeatedly telling me to be aggressive in positive treatment with Timmy. Not just grieve, thinking there's nothing we can do to help! Talking to them & telling them you love them & am glad they're alive really does help give them something to live for. It's just like us 2 legged people, we need something & someone to live for. I've gone thru some bad periods of chronic fatigue & depression & these little guys at times have made a difference for me also. "We're all in this together".

Peace, love & ferret kisses, Gary 

Update 3/20/95

    Timmy is now eating Whiskas Kit Nips, which has 5 animal proteins, & is helping keep his teeth clean. His energy has improved, as heÕs now playing with the others, something he had not done in over 4 months! : IT IS THE ONLY DRY FOOD TIMMY IS EATING! Update 3/21/95 Dr. Benesh of Chandler AZ. has certified Timmy to have NO PALPABLE ABDOMINAL MASSES AT ALL! (FULLY HEALED!) Thank you God and all your helpers!


    In late Jan, 1995 Timmy got out thru a hole I didn't know I had under the sink, into the basement of the motor home, and out of a gap there was between the sewer hose & the basement wall. At 3am, going around shaking a can of raisins (their favorite) did no good. I put up posters & left out a carrier with food & water, but no good.

    I about gave up but my friend Mason again was supportive, saying go further with more signs, don't give up! Another person said add the word "REWARD" in big letters. I was finally told by a guy in a liquor store that a lady next door had found a ferret a couple of days ago. My strongest prayer was that Timmy be found OK not just for his or my benefit, but all the other ferrets that could be helped by what he was going thru. The lady was not home, so I left a sign on their fence, and went to the end of the block & across the 6 lane highway. Coming back I noticed the sign was gone, so I went over & found her husband home. I explained my loss, he went inside, and brought out a skinny (er) but alive Timmy!:)

    After crying for joy, I remembered the word "reward", and even though the man requested nothing, I happily gave him what I had in my wallet:) Later that evening his wife called my asking if they could come over & give me a bottle of ferret shampoo they had bought for him. I said yes, and then she asked if she could take a picture of her daughter holding Timmy, as she had fallen in love with him is the short time they had him. Again, of course I said yes.

    She then explained she found Timmy about 3 hours after he was missing, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIX LANE HIGHWAY, WITH CARS GOING OVER HIM, BUT NOT TOUCHING HIM! My strongest prayer had been answered, and to this day, ever time I think of it, I thank not just God, but many of his helpers, including perhaps my departed Mom, for looking after him>:)

    So Timmy is TWICE my miracle child, for which I am very grateful!

    As I sit here on May, 1996, Timmy is still very beautiful and healthy, and I am still humbly grateful. His recipe is being used all over the world, I'm told, and as tears form in my eyes I realize he has a part in saving ferret lives on an ongoing basis:) neat:)


Mr. Bear:

Mr. Bear, a eulogy:

11/18/96 Phoenix, AZ.

    You came into my life on 1/3/90, and left on November fourth, a few days ago. You and sister Silky, who's doing fine health wise, gave much joy to our house. My only regret was listening over 3 years ago to the Nutro company rep when she said you needed to eat their Max kitten food instead of the cat recipe. When the owner of the store later heard that you got an enlarged spleen & Silky got a hardened kidney after only a couple of months on the stuff, he commented that the rep got a cut of the higher cost of the product. He theorized that the ethoxyquin listed as a preservative was higher in the kitten formula and just overloaded your poor systems. I heard other horror stories from other people with even different animals having many problems. It is supposed to be limited to only 2 spices for use in humans, it's too toxic to be allowed in higher dose uses. The only people defending it's use seem to get $$ from it, or don't know many companies successfully use vit.'s E & C instead. We were never able to reverse the damage it caused.

    Last year you became quite listless and refused kisses. Having just found out about colloidal silver, I figured it was worth a try. I was happy to see your spleen reduce to half size, & you played & gave kisses again.:)

    Last summer, early July, you got ascites of the abdomen, fluid building up like filling a balloon. A good vet here did a lot of tests & said there were nodules on your spleen now, & the fluid seemed to be from the lymph system. He said taking out the spleen might not help, and you'd have only 2/3rd chance of living thru the operation. He said that was good odds in Vegas, but lousy for an operation.

    I began the trip to Boulder to see Dr. Dave who helped Timmy beat the "terminal lymphoma". Stopping in the Springs to see a highly recommended vet, he said to "re-evaluate you later, & consider euthanasia". I was not impressed.

    Dr. Dave gave some herbs for the ascites that didn't seem any better than the Lympho Clear by Enzaymatic Therapy co. that I weaned you over to from the lasix. By Sept. you were needing force feeding & stopped eating on your own. It didn't look good. You had a couple of hypoglycemic crashes when your blood sugar went so low you just layed there & drooled. My friend Susanne here at 2am helped me recognize what was happening, & 2cc of clover honey in your mouth brought you up to be able to eat some recipe & get back on track. I then realized you needed hand feeding at least 3x/day. Other remedies were tried with no noticeable helpful results.

    Making a long story shorter, we gave you human gamma gobulin, .02cc/day, & in 3-4 days you were eating out of a cup & giving kisses:) This was in Sept., & it was starting to snow, so we started the trip back to warm country here. Stopping in Denver, we tried to pick up a ferret that needed a home with fewer than the 60 animals he was living with. He was being picked on by some of the females there, so spent a lot of time in his cage, alone. Your sister tried picking on him as did Sadi, but he seemed to defend himself over here. Tina, who was showing adrenal signs, did not fight with him, but it's thought that she was so stressed out that she pooped mint green jelly! I was told it seemed bacterial, not the ece, & caused from stress. Well. it spread to everyone soon, and Sachi to this day doesn't have normal poop, but more like nutri-cal with a green tinge. Some people are saying the ece mutated & there's a 2 week variety & that's what it was.

    The new ferret, Dave, was away when his house got the ece, & his mom swears that it was gone as she had other people visit & not catch it. I don't know, but I think maybe he was so healthy he carried something though he showed no signs of illness, & still doesn't. He wound up with another friend who had an older ferret loose it's mate not long ago.

    You were finally stable enough to complete the trip to warm land here, but on Sunday, 11/3, you just seemed to be breathing shallow & faster. You had trouble the last few days even walking to the paper towels that became your litter pan, since it was too much work to climb into the regular one. I sensed it was becoming work to stay here, something more than just needing more sleep. I had the strong sense that your mom may be waiting for you on the other side, and told you so. I gave you permission to leave if it was becoming too much work for you to stay here. I told you how much I & the rest of your family loved you, and wished you only happiness. I kissed you goodnight and placed you back in your ski cap in the little tent under the table, on it's soft padded floor that had the heating pad set on very low, but warm enough to help you keep warm with less work for your little body.

    I heard not a sound the night thru, but the next day found that you had left us. Living in the motor home & not having a yard to place you in, I found Susanne offering to let me place you with her many departed ferrets and other friends in her back yard. I cleaned you up, placed you with your favorite bunny that you used to put your head on to rest while your other ferret family played. I placed you both in the ski hat that gave you so much comfort in your last days, and Susanne's husband Ken helped to place you where it will never snow, and is under the shade of a big tree. There is a nice view of green grass & flowers, & your physical form has the company of many other departed friends of hers.

    I had to stop here & cry for awhile, the first I've done since too many "things" had to be done these last days since your leaving. I understand you're happy with your mom & friends, not in any pain any more, but we who are left here feel the pain of missing you. We wish you well until the day we leave this world & can join you in the land that is without pain. Please say hi to Squeaky, Slinky, Nermal & Sam, give them our best & tell them we miss them too.

Sincerely & with most Love,

Gary & the gang of fur ->

Thru joining, their grief has been transmuted to joy,

loneliness to celebration...

..Data, in "The Tin Man" episode, STNG.

Bunny, my adrenal rescue:


    While I am writing all this Bunny (my 95% bald adrenal rescue) came up & said Hi:) She even grew some fur back on her neck, & really is a joy to see.

    Below is the ladies' plea & my answer.:

>>>>>>>>>>> from: "KELLY LYNN MCCLUNG" <KLMCCLUN@email.chass.ncsu.edu>

To: ferrets@concentric.net, garyh@indirect.com

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:16:48 EST MIME-Version: 1.0 Subject: Please help!

    I have an elderly female ferret that has been diagnosed with adrenal tumor cancer that has metasticized into over twelve masses. She weighs only 1.1lbs and has lost most of her hair. She HATES meat, wet cat food, and mushy dry food. I am desperate to try holistic medicine as a last result in fighting her cancer, as the numer ous vets and oncologists have told me my three choices are to "euthanize" her, let her pass away naturally (and possibly suffer) or to try experimental drugs (and most likely suffer). Great alternatives!. .

    She still has an appetite but appears to be in pain when she moves a certain way or while she is sleeping (she makes extremely loud and painful sounding grunt/whimpers in her sleep). I could use any advise, help or recipes you could offer. If you would like to know more or specific information about little Farrah please let me know. Thank you so much, Kelly McClung >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi Kelly;

    First off, they do not suffer if they do not have an operation for the adrenal thing. They go bald, but last Easter sunday, we got a rescue that we named Bunny, who's 95% bald. She was estimated to be 7-8 years old. I put her on Timmy's recipe, & saw a holistic Dr. in Co. who helped Timmy recover. Dr. Dave Rx'd something called Drenemin, 1/4 tab. twice daily in baby food, or whatever.. She is still doing fine, almost a year later now! It started with the shelter mom, Susanne, saying that in her experience, that adrenal cases live for maby 18 months after going bald, with or without the operation. Some die during the operation itself, and the most that seems to be gained is some fur that they don't really care about as much as the humans do. BY ALL MEANS DO NOT let anyone talk you into killing her if she seems to get around at all. Bunny gave and gives kisses, eats dry food every couple of hours, and does fine, even though she can't see very well...

    She also developed some insulinoma (low blood sugar) problems, that I first saw when I heard her gasping one day months ago. She would arch her head back, gasping, then not breathe at all for some 20 secs. I administered 2cc of clover honey oral, on the gums & under the tounge, which I learned about when my Mr. Bear went lethargic & drooling. He would recover in 5 min., but it took 20 min. for Bunny. I then enriched the recipe with 1/3rd Deliver 2.0, which has hi calories that keep up the blood sugar longer than regular food. I gave that once a day until she had another episode. I then set an alarm to remind me to give her the mix every 6 hrs. or so. In about a month or so, she ate dry food (Turkey Pro Plan, her choice) every 2.5 hours or so. This is keeping her blood levels up so that I only give her the mix once a day & she's doing fine.

    There is a lot you can do to help her along, don't let anyone tell you there's nothing that can be done, or scare you into giving her poisons called chemo.

Here's the continuing story of Bunny's ordeals: