(updated 9/24/97)

Bunny's ordeal ('s), (with good ending, I hate suspense)

     My Miss Bunny, the elder, (a ferret), who was 95% bald when she was turned in as a rescue last year, fell asleep in my lap last week, so I dozed off with her... A while later I found her drooling, & too cold to the touch compared to what I know should be her normal. I turned off the a/c in the motor home where we were, & gave some clover honey on the gums, then Deliver 2.0, & made up some recipe with deliver & got her stable. (wasn't too worried , I'd run into this before, & knew on her own she sleeps in a ski cap & regulates her temp. pretty well). I went out the next morning, came in to find the temp 109!! I forgot to turn the a/c back on in the motor home where she is by herself! She was limp, & put her on a wet towel, got her too cold, & she had the runs with mostly blood! Went to the vet, blood runs 3x more, she was given fluids, B vits, & Vit. K to help stop the internal bleeding.. Had her on a heating pad, then off, her temp would not hold, back on the pad.. Every time she took the temp, more blood out the back end.. The vet here was wonder ful, I was with Bunny in her treatment room some 5 hours, & the vet just worked around me.:) Finally got the temp stable, said I could take her home, probably less than 50-50 chance of making it thru the night.

    She was weak, and during this all I was giving her some of the old Chei Shei herbal I had left over, Then Deliver, then recipe with Deliver as she would take some off the syringe. She did make it thru the night, & I was warned that the kidneys could be damaged, so it would not be over for a couple of days..

    That started on last Wed., & by day 3 she was giving kisses again:) She's somewhere between 8 & 9 yrs. old, so she didn't need this stress due to my stupidity, but I'm very grateful she pulled thru it. She gives like 2 minutes of kisses. I did lots of praying during the ordeal & I think that helped also:)


    Well, Monday I saw Bunny leaning left & running around in a circle. I thought it might have been a stroke, but noted she had not been eating dry food in a couple of days & the poop was smaller insize and output. I took her to the vet on Tues., & she said Bunny had the 4 major lymph nodes swelled, spleen larger, & suspected lymphoscarcoma. She wanted to do an aspiration, but I asked "would it change the treatment?" the reply was that it would only give confirmation. I declined the cost & suffering for Bunny. She gave her a shot of pred., and take home oral pred. & cefadrops. An hour ago I gave her 0.04cc gamma gobulin, and .25cc Vit.B17, aka layatril, 1/4th in each of the front lymph nodes, the rest in the neck, all sub-Q. She ate a good ammount of recipe from the dish. After some elimination, she walked a good 10-12' in an almost straight line, the first time in 2 days! I may delay the oral meds another day or so.

It's too soon to claim a cure, but I read the B-17 is fast acting. At any rate, seeing this at all is encouraging.

If you want to read about the B17, their site= http://www.canceranswer.com/

    Today I gave her another .25cc B17 sub Q, and in the afternoon she was making right turns. The front lymph nodes were less than half their size. I'm encouraged by this, and see her leaning to the left decreased by more than 50%. Just now she came out & made a series of right turns, and went down the hallway a good 20' wobbly, but as straight as possible:) Did a good poop, and straight back to the sleep sac:)

    This is way past "experimental research", I am not a vet, and present this as information only. Do your own research & use your good brain to make your own decisions. Realize most  people are not aware of the research on B17 since it was suppressed by the AMA/FDA /pharmacutical cartel. Since there are many variables, this is no guarantee that full recovery will happen in every case, but it is guaranteed to bring nothing of the suffering that chemo & radiation give.

    I've been doing the .25cc which is 70 mg. of the B17, subQ, twice a day. After the lymph nodes come down, I'll probably do once a day, & when I get the apricot seeds roasted for 10 min. at 300F, if I can grind them up I'll probably make them part of Timmy's recipe. The roasting is supposed to deactivate the enzymes that could cause an upset stomach, but not hurt the B17.