Timmy's recipe, updated 7-4-04
Gary Holowicki
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 This is the latest of recipes used to help my Timmy to totally recover from "terminal lymphoma that had spread to the liver", lab confirmed by Dr. Susan Brown in Oct. of 1994.  In the fall of '96, two different vets in two different states have said he looked like he had never been sick a day in his life... I'm very grateful for this to many sources.    I periodically revise this recipe  as my guys age, to try & maintain maximum health, rather than wait until a "crisis", and then panic.  This is sized to feed my 6 ferrets in one sitting, & when left for their dining pleasure, it's gone a few hours later.

 What I have done for years now is have the diluted tonic water always available next to pure regular water..  This gives them extra nutrition as they are getting "older", and is a good suppliment for today's processed & contaminated food.  (see the video or hear the sound tract of the NBC nightside report on adding toxic waste to the fertilizer put on our food crops.. The link is on the "resources" page.)

   When first doing this, the cleansing herbs may cause loose stools, but this normalizes over time.  When Timmy was very sick, he had weird looking stuff for 3-4  months, but I knew it was just the junk coming out of his system, & didn't worry.  It's much better in the litter pan than in his body!   

THE INGREDIENTS ARE LISTED IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE..consult dose/ferret/ day if changing size of recipe.!

2 jar Gerber's Turkey Rice, or organic if desired.
4 tsp. Timmy's Original Tonic; (see source below) [3 tsp. /ferret/day is what Timmy had when very sick, 1.5  tsp. in food, 1.5 tsp. in water]
1 tsp.   Pet Tinic liquid vitamins;  (see notes below for sources and ingredients). [1cc/ferret/day = 1/5th of a tsp.]
1 tsp.  of  "Greens+";  (see notes below for sources and ingredients)
1     tsp.  500ppm Colloidal Silver;  (I only get mine from Silver Wings co., 800-952-4787, ask 4  Liz )
1 tsp. organic flax seed oil from the refrigerator section of the local health food store.
*1 capsule  (contents) of 30mg. CoQ10  [immune strengthening item., 1/5th cap./ferret/day]
1/8     tsp. powdered garlic, or a heavy "pinch" to taste.  (NOT garlic salt!)
2 ounce pure water, more can be added at serving time to make thickness of heavy cream.
2 oz of  Deliver 2.0 high calorie supplement (Mead Johnson=mfg.).  Any pharmacy can order, non-Rx.  I use this as it improves the taste greatly & adds calories in an easy to digest form.  Optional if yours will eat above with out the Deliver & have good weight on them.

 Feed as much as they will eat, every 2 hours or so if sick & not eating on their own.  Be careful of dehydration.  If you pinch & pull gently on the skin behind the shoulders & it's slow to return, then your ferret may need fluids by injection under the skin (Sub Q).  Consult your vet for directions & advice.  Have Pedialyte available and water in separate dishes if there is any diarrhea. 


A)      If ferret is skinny,  and / or not eating well, Deliver 2.0 high calorie supplement can be added to approx. 30% of recipe by volume, or feed directly as a dessert, OR it CAN sustain life if ferret is eating nothing else, temporarily, to give you time to figure out what's happening!   ANY pharmacy can order,  and have in less than 24 hrs.  Some don't know they can  unless you insist they look it up!   Unused freezes well.

B)      If  critically ill, I have used  1-2 tsp.  per ferret, per jar of baby food, of Timmy's Total Tonic, and offer a  mix of 1.5 tsp. with  1/2 C. warm water for them to drink..  Often they will drink out of a small bowl easier than a water bottle.  The recipe can also be fed with syringe (no needle!), & squirted into the mouth just behind the front canine teeth, pointed across the mouth, not toward the throat to avoid choking!

C)      I also offer colloidal silver individually, daily as natural anti biotic & immune system booster. I usually let them have what they want off the dropper, which varies with the fert & the day. When they have enough they usually shake their head like it's bitter, then that's enough for today.

The only brand I have use, and seems to be the best in purity and lowest in cost is Silver Wings, 800-952-4787 .. They will mail out free literature, ask for Liz Smith, tell her I sent you.    >>-It is the only thing I've seen repeatedly shrink swollen spleens-<<.:)

  This is offered as research information, not a guarantee or “medical advice”;  Consult your favorite health practitioner as appropriate.   Other herbal supplements could be used as your knowledge would indicate.

 Holistic Vet referrals can be had from:  American Holistic Vet. Assoc., 410-569-0795;  2214  Old Emmorton Rd., Bel Air, MD, 21015.  also: http://www.ahvma.org/referral/index.html


Preparation Tips & notes:

1. I microwave all the baby food to body temp before mixing in the rest of the ingredients.. Maybe 10/sec. per jar & if shaken gently on an angle, the food just plops out leaving a clean jar!

2. I mix all the dry ingredients separately, and the liquids save the Deliver & water together in a separate bowl.  I then combine the wet & dry, and when well blended add the Deliver & water

2. The mix of wet & dry ingredients has a very short life and will refrigerate only about 1 or 2 days.    The Deliver 2.0 is a wonderful media for germ growth, but I haven't ever had a ferret eat old or "spoiled" recipe.. Again, they know what is good for them better than most of us humans do. :)

 Recipe component ingredients:


           Timmy's Original Tonic:

 Dose= I gave about 1.5 tsp./day in food, & another 1.5 tsp./day in maybe 1/2 cup water along side regular pure water.

 This is the culmination of 3 years of searching, and several divine interventions connecting me with the people that have been able to re-create the original herbal tonic Timmy was healed with.  (The tonic was marketed to people for human consumption, to just "improve their energy and general health level.  I was buying it to help with my chronic fatigue system immune disorder.)

 Ingredients: Clover honey;  The following extracts in purified water,  Echinacea angustifolia, Siberian Ginseng,  Chinese red ginseng,  black walnut hulls, Licorice root, chicory root, hibiscus flowers, dandelion root, wood betony, scullcap, burdock root, Chinese cinnamon, alfalfa herb, elder flowers, red clover blossoms, Echinacea purpurea, sarsaparilla root, astragalus root, rose petals & buds,  Ho-Shou-Wu root (Polygonum multiflorium), rose hips, eyebright, orange peel,  damiana, fennel seed, cloves, potassium glycerophosphate, glycero borate, apple concentrate, monopotassium citrate, vegetable glycerine, ascorbic acid (preservative), monopotassium aspartate, lemon juice,  natural black cherry flavor, lemon essential oil, grapefruit seed extract.  Supplies 92 mg. potassium, 1.5 mg. of organic boron per 5 ml teaspoon..  (a measuring tsp., not eating tsp.)

  It's a custom formula (no one else in the world is making it, they said "it's the most difficult to produce formula in the world!")


www.ferretstore.com/pharmaceuticals.html 800-440-3356 or 888-833-7738


 Pet Tinic, by SmithKline Beecham Animal Health, West Chester, Pa. 19380.  A good general vitamin/mineral supplement.  The "liver Fraction" is most specifically helpful for ferret strength & health.

 Dose= 1cc/day rx'd by Dr. Brown for Timmy

Vitamins:  Niacinamide=10mg.;  Vit.B1=2.1mg.;  Vit.B6=1.2mg.;  Vit.B2=1.0mg.;  Vit.B12=2.1mcg.
Minerals:  Iron=14.1mg.;  Copper=220.mcg.
"Accessory Nutrient=Liver Fraction (from Beef liver)=166 mg.
 In a base of water, sucrose, corn syrup, caramel, glycerine, sodium citrate, natural flavor, citric acid and sodium hydroxide used for pH adjustment, and potassium sorbate (as preservative)

Sources=It can be obtained from either Colorado Animal Health,   800-235-2636, or your local vet;   

Another is … http://www.craftycreatures.com/forferretsonly/health.html , (352) 465-7541
or toll free 1-888-340-7671

Most  U.S. vets carry it but usually at higher cost than  a catalog house..   I first paid a vet $6.00 for one ounce.  


 Greens+  (Orange Peal enterprises, 2183 Ponc DeLeon Circle, Vero Beach, Fl. 32960, 800-643-1210..)  A general high quality blend of nutrients, immune system boosters, & anti cancer additives..

  Soy lecithin, Hawaiian spirulina, high pectin apple fiber, barley juice, alfalfa juice, wheat grass juice, chorella, wheat sprouts, sprouted barley malt, brown rice germ, natural vitamin E, dairy-free probiotic culture, royal jelly, bee pollen, acreola berry juice, milk thistle, Siberian ginseng, licorice root extract and flavor, astragalus membranaceus, Echinacea angustifolia, licorice root, dunaliella salina, red beet juice, ginkgo bilboa, green tea, grape seed extract, dulse, bilberry extract.

Source: www.greensplus.com 800-643-1210 or 772-562-2766


Red Clover formula:  (Also called "Tumor Be Gone).

 Dose=  used in severe cases to 50% of Timmy's tonic fed, as it has no honey & is bitter tasting.

 (Sometimes used with Timmy's tonic, the red clover being specifically anti-cancer.)   Still available for people wanting more of these specific herbs.  I'm told it's based on the Hoxley anti-cancer formula developed at Mayo Clinic.

 Red Clover tops, Chaparral, Echinacea, Licorice root, Poke root, Peach bark, Barberry root, Brigham tea, Cascara Sagrada bark, Sarsaparilla root, Prickly Ash bark, Burdock root, Buckthorn bark, Kelp, Aspen bark, Vegetable Glycerine and Water.

Source:  www.ferretstore.com ...  see Timmy's Tonic, above.


CoQ-10 most any health food store

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