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 Not everyone has glowing results, and since I do not have a system of keeping track of all results of people using Timmy's tonic / and / or recipe, I cannot state percentages of results in any particular category.  Probably less than half of the people give me any feedback other than re-orders, so these results may not be typical.

 The final thought I was told after losing 4 little ones in the past 6 months, is that we can help give quality of life, give more months or years, but no one has invented immortality.  3 of the 4 who left went in their sleep, Spaz went as I held & was stroking him.  I simply noted he stopped blinking.  A friend who is sensitive to such things said he was just tired of being tired.  He never recovered from the flu that hit 6 months before, and was hand fed all that time.  He went thru multiple treatments of anti-biotics, etc. & left a mystery behind.  More will be on a future "those gone but still remembered" page.

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 If you have stories you would like to share with others regarding Timmy's tonic  recipe, feel free to send me them with the subject "testimonial" so I won't miss doing the right thing with it:)  The positive feed back helps keep me going also!


From: <Agedog1@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:36:09 EDT
To: garyh@indirect.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Re: Taz

Dearest Gary,

 Of course you have my permission - Taz would not be alive today were it not
for you and Timmy's Tonic.

  Much Love Chere and the Shelter Kids
Agedog1@aol.com wrote:
> Timmy's Tonic was a real live miracle for little Taz-Muffet (10 years 7 months
> this July).  Taz- Muffet had her adrenal removed 18 months ago and in November
> 0f 1997 she began to go down hill i.e.  no longer playing with others, lost
> total use of back legs,  staring into space - her quality of life was just
> GONE.  We were desperate as our Vet told us that due to Taz-Muffet's age it
> would not be safe to operate.  I had know of Timmy's Tonic for several years
> but never had the money to get any.  Fortunately due to a very generous
> donation to our shelter (made by FLOYD our Shelter Angel) I ordered Timmy's
> for Taz Muffet.  We started out with the straight stuff as we felt Taz needed
> it immediately (two days later we cooked up the recipe).  Within 24 hours Taz
> had improved she began actually dragging herself around and she would follow
> you with her eyes when you moved.  By the 3rd DAY TAZ BEGAN TO USE HER BACK
> LEGS!  Both Larry and I were extremely pleased.  As the second week of
> administering Timmy's Tonic (TT) arrived Taz Muffet was walking normally and
> we actually witnessed a tiny dance.  We know that Timmy's Tonic is responsible
> for giving Taz Muffet more time with us and her playmates.
> Erica arrived at the shelter the second week of May 1998.  She is
> approximately 4 to 5 years old (according to her vet check).  She had been
> turned over to the shelter by the Vero Beach Humane Society who had received
> her from the Indian River Animal Control who had found her wandering on the
> side of a road.  Erica was extremely thin and would not eat anything (believe
> me we tried everything).  So out came the Timmy's Tonic - well she hated the
> taste so we force fed her while she was in the intensive care unit.  Today
> Erica is out of the ICU and has gained weight, had normal bowel movements and
> plays.  She is still on Timmy's Tonic and Timmy's Recipe but we will begin
> soon to move her to hard food.
> Luther was in Foster Care with Sue Lyons.  Luther has been in Foster care for
> 18 months.  His physical was due in April so Sue took him in.  Dr. Ernest did
> not like the way his heart sounded or the fact that he was loosing his coat.
> Luther went through multiple test including and EKG.  Things did not look good
> for Luther - he had lung problems, heart problems and Adrenal problems.  I ask
> Sue to bring Luther back to the shelter and he went to the Intensive Care
> Unit.  Luther was not eating, did not want to play and his potties were runny
> mess'.   He had been on Antibotics and some prednesone but nothing seemed to
> help.  So out came the Timmy's Tonic and Collidial silver.  In the last 5 days
> Luther has gained some weight back and will play for short periods of time.
> Although Luther is still in ICU his potties have improved and he is looking
> better.  Since Luther has so many physical problems we keep very close watch
> on him but we believe that the Timmy's and the collidial silver have helped a
> great deal.
> CHARLIE - Charlie had a VERY enlarged spleen.  Due to the fact that he had to
> have surgery on his moth in November and his recovery was very touchy our vet
> did not want to remove the spleen unless she absolutely had to.  Charlie has
> been on Collidial Silver now for almost 30 days and the spleen has gone down -
> you can actually feel the difference.  Charlie is also on Timmy's tonic.
> When we began to notice the change in Taz-Muffet we began to put the Timmy's
> Tonic in the water bowls in the ferret play areas.  We do this every other
> day.  There is not getting by the fact that it has improved many of the
> ferrets energy.  Baba Lisa (she was a Hurricane Andrew rescue) has amazed us
> with her new energy level.  Baba Lisa when put out in the play area will run
> for the water dish to see if today is the TT water Day.
> I wish I had paid more attention and had the money to get Timmy's Tonic and
> the Collidial Silver before.  I often ask myself  if I had used Timmy's Tonic
> with some of the kids who had been so sick and crossed Rainbow Bridge - could
> I have prolonged and given a better quality of life?
> Chere McCoy
> Ferret Friends of Indian River County Ferret Shelter


From: "Glenn, Jenni, BMG - NY1540" <Jenni.Glenn@bmge.com>
To: "'Garyh@indirect.com'" <Garyh@indirect.com>
Subject: Timmy's tonic
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 10:32:39 -0500
X-Priority: 3
Mime-Version: 1.0


I don't know whether or not it's the PediaPred or the Timmy's or a
combination of both, but my little Zep has done a 180!  On Sunday night,
after we returned from the SVFC show in Harrisburg, I let my little ones
out to play.  Zep was war-dancing, running, jumping, tumbling, racing
through the tube, playing in the crinkle bag (NOT sleeping it it!!),
wrestling with his brothers, you name it!  He was so full of life!  I
stood there watching him and I just started crying.  I was so happy, I
was in tears!!  There's nothing like watching your sick little baby jump
around all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with that unmistakable look of
ferret joy on his face!  He played hard for a good 15/20 minutes and
then still stayed awake and walked around exploring the room for another
20 minutes or so.  Then, last night, he did the same thing!  I couldn't
be happier!  So, if it is the Timmy's (which I have a feeling it is), it
really is wonderful.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank
you!!!!  And, thank you to Timmy also!!!  You'll definitely be seeing
more Timmy's tonic orders from me soon.  And, I've been telling EVERYONE
that has insulinoma or cancer problems to order some!  If it worked for
you and seems to be working for me, it has a good chance of working for
many, many more!  Thanks again!  And, I'm sure all the fuzzies and fuzzy
lovers of the world are thanking you too!

Zep "Thank you!  I feel great!  Weeeeeeeee!"
Oso and Ozzy "We aren't sick, but can we have some too???"

From: "Glenn, Jenni, BMG - NY1540" <Jenni.Glenn@bmge.com>
To: "'Gary Holowicki'" <garyh@indirect.com>
Subject: RE: Latest recipe, & on the road:)
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:27:28 -0500
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0

Have a great trip, Gary!  By the way, Zeppelin is doing AMAZING!!!!!!!
All this week, he's been the LAST one to go bed at playtime!  My other
two guys retreat back to their hammocks and he's still running around
the room.  It's unbelievable!  I am so happy with his progress, I could

Thanks again!

Jenni  : )
Zep "Cancer??!!  What cancer?  I feel great!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Oso and Ozzy "What's up with you?  We've had enough.  We're going to
bed. Zzzzzzzzzz"

> ----------
From: "Glenn, Jenni, BMG - NY1540" <Jenni.Glenn@bmge.com>
To: "'Gary Holowicki'" <garyh@indirect.com>
Subject: RE: Latest recipe, & on the road:)
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:31:28 -0500
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0

Sure...no problem!   Zep is doing great.  And, my other ferret, Ozzy (he
doesn't have any cancer, as far as I know, but he was so skinny and
ratty when I got him, it was heartbreaking) has been on the same duck
soup as Zep (with the Timmy's added) and he is GORGEOUS now!  He has a
full, beautiful coat and has gained well over a pound!  In fact....I
have "proof" that he's gorgeous now.  He just took first place in the
chocolate ring at this weekend's AFA show in New Carrollton, MD!  I was
so happy, I actually cried...seriously!  I felt like an idiot standing
up there crying!  But, winning that ribbon was so special because Ozzy
has come so far and I am so proud of him!  So, even though Ozzy wasn't
necessarily sick, the duck soup with Timmy's helped him put on weight,
get healthy and grow a gorgeous coat!  Ozzy also won 6th place in the
shelter category.  Oso didn't do too well, though.  He won 14th in sable
and 13th in point...but that's because he blew his coat and v-mask
(summer coat...yuk!) and he's not really a "true sable"...he has a pure
pink nose and a mottled-colored back.  So, maybe he'll do better in the
fall when his winter coat grows in and he (hopefully) gets his v-mask
back!  Talk to you soon...

Jenni  : )


From: SHASMI223 <SHASMI223@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 21:13:38 EDT
To: Ferret-Forum@Majordomo.net
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: FFML: Re: Rudy Surgery, Sybil blood tests
Sender: owner-ferret-forum@Majordomo.net
Reply-To: Ferret-Forum@Majordomo.net

Hi Sony and all...
been a while, i have been so busy trying to get house in order, and keep the
kids well and all...just not enough hours in a day and the weekends---well if
ya blink its Monday again.....anyways...so far so good...I do have lots and
lots of mail to catch up on but the Timmy's Tonic and the Greens Plus seem to
be helping both have more energy. Both are still eating real well (dried
food--right now a mix of L'Avian and Totally Ferret as I am converting over to
the Totally Ferret...I have really backed off of the cheerios cuz i read i
believe in the Modern Ferret that too many are not good cuz of the fiber and
cuz they make them retain water so they get just a couple now and again...Rudy
stole a big grape last night --they love to help me unload the groceries ya
know i wish i would of had my camera course it would of been a picture of 2
butts sticking out of a paper bag <grin>...i just keep loving them and giving
extra kisses and loving care and play and praying...
thanx so much to all of you for keeping us in your thoughts..it sure does help
to know people care. on to more reading...

Peg Rudy&Sybil

From: KathiSue <KathiSue@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 20:39:10 EDT
To: garyh@indirect.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Re: pkg

Hi Gary!

I did finally get the package!  Thanks very much!

Max is doing better, but I am going to continue to give him Timmy's Tonic.  I
am so grateful!  He is able to eat on his own and drink on his own (although I
am still doing the supplemental feedings) and he can walk a little!  He uses
his litter box and seems to feel much better!  He can not seem to put any
weight on his back legs, but he is able to push himself to get around.  I am
so glad that he is doing better!

Thanks for your words of encouragement and for the great products!


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From: KEPatton96 <KEPatton96@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 00:42:54 EDT
To: garyh@indirect.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Apollo progress report

Apollo has been on Timmy's tonic for a month.  He is still doing very well.
He plays, and follows me around like he used to, does his little wardances and
chuckles and is eating regular food in addition to the baby food I mix with
the Timmy's tonic.  He is still taking prednisone every other day, although in
the past week he has started throwing the syringe across the room! (It is an
oral suspension)  I have talked to his vet to report the progress after the
first couple of weeks; it made her day.  I am planning to take him for a check
up in the next few days.  I can still feel his lymph nodes, but just the way
he acts makes me feel like there has been a lot of progress.  I guess it would
be ok to tell others what has happened at this point.  I'll let you know what
the doc says.
Thanks for your help,
Kathryn and Apollo

>Return-Path: <owner-ferret-forum@Majordomo.net>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 23:51:54 -0700
From: Pat Corder <corder@moment.net>
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: Ferret-Forum@Majordomo.net
CC: Megnsnany <Megnsnany@aol.com>
Subject: Re:  FFML:  A could be Emergency
Sender: owner-ferret-forum@Majordomo.net
Reply-To: Ferret-Forum@Majordomo.net

Dear Tiffany,

I'm just now catching up to the list.  Please accept these belated
condolences on the loss of Piggy.  Ferret lovers know that the world is
a poorer place with the loss of even one little fuzzie.

To Bobbi:

I too, have had a similar problem.  My vet prescribed Amoxy/Pred.  But,
thanks to info gleaned from the list, I also started Slink on Timmy's
Recipe.  Slink appears to be back to his old self;  It's been a month.
I haven't returned to the vet yet and am still giving
him both the Pred and Timmy's Recipe.  The vet's progmosis was worse
than dismal.  He either totally missed the diagnosis this time or
Timmy's Recipe is a real miracle cure.  It couldn't hurt to try it.
Good luck to you and Holly.

P.S.  To Gary, if your reading this,  MANY THANKS for sharing
Timmy's Recipe.  I am sure it saved Slink, too.

>Return-Path: <dfrazier@iwinet.com>
Reply-To: "dfrazier" <dfrazier@iwinet.com>
From: "dfrazier" <dfrazier@iwinet.com>
To: "Gary Holowicki" <garyh@indirect.com>
Subject: Re: stuff
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 23:12:17 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Priority: 3

. I have some data for your 'Timmys' file

Cat: abysinnian.. 12  yrs oif age.. diagnosed with multiple tumors of
various type all cancerous from breast to lymph..  on Timmys now for 4
months.. tumors are 1/4 previous size and all abnormal activity by internal
organs has ceased..  as far as their vet is concerned the cat is in full
remission and tumors continue to shrink...  shrinkage accellerated on new
formula within 1 week of recieving it and getting cat person on it..  Cats
cataracts are thinning and cat has partial vision.. and renewed energy..
vets in local practice say cat how behaves like feline 1/2 her present age..

Dog:  9 yrs old.. previous bone tumors now all but vanished and lymph node
involvement has ceased.. no new tumors found at last examination.. vets are
now saying dog in full remission and tumors may be expected to eventually
vanish to minute tissue involvement.. again..  reduction and remission
accellerated when new timmys formula was introduced..

4 ferrets with lymphoma..  all in early teens.. all have had full remission
of all symptoms and now are behaving years younger..  all four are alrtered
males..  all four in same family since kits.. all four stricken in same
year..  family is overjoyed as these kids belong to Grands and are their
pride and joy..  all send their profound thanks to you for your wonderful
'Gods Medicine' you make for their kids..  they pay me 5 dollars a month for
the two bottles of timmys for their kids.. so I will be covering out of my
shelter funds and maybe let them keep paying later and maybe not.. they are
very old and have little but their babies..  they sleep on the daybed in the
living room so the little ones can have the only bedroom for nightie nite..
such sweet fuzzys and folks.. and so grateful.. they never fail to walk the
four miles round trip to bring the five dollars..

and this one will kill you laughing...  one cow.. yup I said cow..  one
small family bovine pet with some sort of lymphatic condition.. was given a
teaspoon of timmys [very small cow about 1/2 normal cow size for dairy cow]
daily for two weeks then given a teaspoon in additional honey in water for
another two weeks..  lymphatic swelling and discomfort gone and little
cowlet is doing fine.. cow vet said looked like some sort of lymphatic
cancer to him but didn't know how to test a cow for it.. neighbor to the
ferret oldsters..  anyhow.. cow lives in their den with the pot bellied
pig..  don't ask Gary..  just don't ask.. theis is the boonies.. the country
with the Hillbillies.. remember...l  anyhow.. cow is now in tip top
condition and cow vet thinks the 'stuff your fixin up for sick critters' is
right good medecine'  unquote..  I do not question HIM  I just do the
critter fixing and go home..  but sheesh Gary a COW..  anyhow.. you can now
add cow repair to the repertoire of Timmys conquests.. but if you ever tell
anyone I let it get used to treat a cow I'll never speak to you again..

Questions?  [just not about the darn cow]  I just know I am never going to
live this down..  fuzzy med saves cow.. I can see it now on the fml.. you do
and I'll personally come to AZ and poison your raisins..  <ggg>

night.. loooong day today.. and no sleep for three days now.. I am beat..
any odds on me getting any rest tonight??  HA  not likely..

hugs  dayna and the woozles

ps: I drew the line at the pot belly pig...  so cheer up  :)

>Return-Path: <Gcsfa@aol.com>
From: Gcsfa <Gcsfa@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:05:18 EST
To: garyh@indirect.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Bubba & Templeton

Hi Gary,

  I am extremely happy to report that Bubba is well on his way to recovery.
Sunday he picked up his head around 9:00 p.m., Monday he fought his sub-q
fluids, Tuesday he crawled around, Wendesday he showed he was very alert and
began eating Pureed Totally Ferret on his own, Thursday he began cleaning
himself, Friday he walked and this morning he ate solid, dry food and is
getting better with walking - not that I have been keping track of his
progress :)  We still have a ways to go, but we are out of the woods now.

  Thank you for being available to us last weekend and for all of your advise.
I truly believe that it is responsable for Bubba's progress.

Kathy Goodhart
>Return-Path: <melanie_hawkins_at_chppm4__apgea@chppm-ccmail.apgea.army.mil>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 98 14:00:45 -0500
From: "Melanie Hawkins"<melanie_hawkins_at_chppm4__apgea@chppm-ccmail.apgea.army.mil>
To: <garyh@indirect.com>
Subject: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
MIME-Version: 1.0

     I have a friend who has cfs, and she is currently looking for some
     herbal tonics etc. to take for it.  I told her that I would chat with
     you since you have the same thing.  You mentioned taking Timmy's
     Original Tonic for it I believe.  How much would you take a day, week,
     etc. and does it help with the cfs?  If you could get back to me about
     this I would appreciate it.  And if you have any suggestions for
     things to take that would be wonderful too.
     My guys fight over Timmy's tonic and Timmy's recipe.  I mainly make it
     for Gizmo since his lymph nodes were and still are swollen.  The
     swelling has gone down considerably though, and he is much more active
     these days.  He can be in a deep sleep and awake in a matter of
     seconds if he smells Timmy's tonic or recipe.  The boy loves it!
     Have a wonderful day, and I hope that you and the furballs are doing

>Return-Path: <KEPatton96@aol.com>
From: KEPatton96 <KEPatton96@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 00:44:36 EST
To: garyh@indirect.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Apollo and Timmy's recipe

Hi Gary and Timmy and crew...
I have been giving Apollo Timmy's Tonic and some of the other ingredients for
a few days now.  I have had to improvise because I only have two ferrets and
apparently, Apollo is a picky eater.  However, his energy level has improved
and he has even done a couple of war dances accompanied by chuckles and played
with a couple of toys and chased my husband Gary.  So, I consider that
progress!!  He (Apollo) even thinks that Kelse, the Springer is tolerable.
I decided to taste what I was giving the little guy....Timmy's Tonic is great!
When I add the other stuff it is ok....maybe I need to adjust things a little.
Thanks for your help!
Kelse ( ferrets are rather cute after you get to know them)
Gary...( the sceptic....hmmm, we'll see what happens....)

>Return-Path: <GIGSCHLICH@prodigy.net>
Reply-To: <GIGSCHLICH@prodigy.net>
From: "Gig A Schlich" <GIGSCHLICH@prodigy.net>
To: "Gary Holowicki" <GaryH@indirect.com>
Subject: Report on the new diet
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:53:23 -0800
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hi, Gary!

Just a quick note on the results after having our three ferrets on your
diet for the past two weeks.  (We have one ferret, Molly, with an adrenal
tumor who has lost 99% of her hair, and another, Nikki, who has a
pancreatic tumor who "spaces" out occasionally.  Our third, Katie, is
healthy as a horse! )

I wasn't too hopeful that our ferrets would be eagerly lapping this stuff
up after I mixed up the first batch.  I know I wouldn't!  Something about
the smell and consistency of that baby food!  For Molly, it was love at
first bite.  She doesn't even want her Cheerios anymore when we give them
their treats when it's time to go to bed!  She wants a big plate of the
green stuff!  Can't get enough of it.  She doesn't seem so hyper anymore,
and a sore on her side that wasn't healing seems to be finally going away.
Also, her skin seems to be thicker than before, and she doesn't look so
blue and unhealthy anymore.  Plus, she seems to smell better (I mean, her
odor is better.  I have no idea if her olfactory senses have improved!).
Her hair isn't coming back, yet, but I just got your letter about the pine
bark extract, so I'll give that a go.  Poor ferret, I wouldn't be surprised
if she turned green from all the herbs we're feeding her!

Nikki has not quite taken a liking to this stuff like Molly has, so we had
to resort to the forced feeding tactic!  I felt pretty sorry for her,
watching Treena pump the green goo down her gullet with our turkey baster
while I held her mouth open.  She seems to have resigned herself to the
fact that it's going to go in, will-ye or nill-ye, and will now swallow it
without having to have her jaws pried open.  She still tries to run and
hide, though, when she sees me getting the ingredients out of the fridge!
About the only effects that we've noticed with her so far is that she
doesn't space out after we've fed her (for awhile), her energy level's up,
and her coat is getting a lot nicer.  Well, can't expect miracles in two
weeks.  Katie seems to like it, and we give her a small portion as a
maintenance/preventative.  She's such a pig that I'm sure that she would
eat the whole bowl if we gave her the chance.  I think that the reason for
her good health is that she's always had a steady diet of herbs in the form
of our houseplants!  We've got some funky tropical specimens in our house,
so maybe somebody would like to investigate the beneficial compounds
available in these!

Thanks again for the info.  I appreciate being kept up-to-date.  Oh, yeah,
if you could send us another couple bottles of Timmy's Total Tonic and bill
us back on e-mail, I will get a check right out to you.


Gig and Treena

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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 18:07:55 -0700
To: garyh@indirect.com
From: "R.C." <spirit@telenet.net> (by way of Gary Holowicki)
Subject: Update and order/testimonial


    Just a quick update on how my ferrets are doing on Timmy's formula. The
ECE victim is seems to be making a good turn around. He is eating well on
his own , but I'm still feeding him twice aday w/ Timmy's green goop as we
call it here.
My 4 year old adrenal ferret is doing well on Timmy's goop. I would go as
far as to say she is playfull , but she is much more full of energy. She
runs around the house getting into things and making general trouble. Her
old pattern was to go back to bed after about 10 minutes.

   I would like to order 2bottles of TImmy's formula and one of the greens.


        Rich Christman