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Timmy's Tonic & the Red clover formula, & the new Timmy's Total Tonic

    Timmy's tonic, which was an interim product, was used with the Red clover formula, to as closely as possible replicate the  original Chei Shei herbal that helped Timmy to heal. That original went out of production for over two years, & Timmy's healing was the inspiration to find some way to replicate the wonderful stuff:)

    Just recently, the owner of the company waived many fees & allowed a much smaller initial run than the usual 2000 bottles that they require, to reproduce the original tonic with all it's ingre dients, and with all the labor intensive additional steps they do with no other product they produce! I believe it was one of many Divine interventions to help make this possible. I have switched to the Total Tonic instead of the previous two tonics.


Timmy's Total Tonic:

    This is the culmination of 3 years of searching, and several divine interventions connecting me with the people that have been able to re-create the original herbal tonic Timmy was healed with. The only thing we did differently, was to leave out the synthetic potassium.

    There are two reasons we did this; In personal a meeting with the owner of the company, he suggested that there are already natural forms of potassium in the herbs, and if we were going to take the considerable time, expense & trouble to reproduce the original formula, then we might as well do it with the formula that existed before they (the previous company marketing the herbal) added the potassium to appeal to people that wanted a more immediate "lift" of energy. (The tonic was marketed to people for human consumption, to just "improve their energy and general health level. I was buying it to help with my chronic fatigue system immune disorder.)

    I separately was discussing with other people the rise of heart problems appearing in ferrets, and with some types of heart problems, the potassium level is very important, that you need not too little, and not too much. As this can only be determined case by case, it seemed wise to leave out the potassium to make the herbal as high in positive effects and as low in negative effects as possible.


Q.)     Is Timmy's Tonic and "Timmy's recipe" one in the same? And where would this be avail able?

A.)     No, Timmy's recipe supplies food to live as long as necessary & contains things I've picked up on to help healing & general health. The Tonic is a supplement that has a lot of strengthening and healing things, but is not food enough to survive on.

Q.)     How are Timmy's Tonic & Timmy's Total Tonic different?

A.)     Timmy's Total Tonic has the red clover in it, and is processed thru more steps so it is much more potent in healing properties than the two previous tonics put together. The red clover will still be available, as some people want even more activity of those specific herbs. The red clover formula is also called "Tumor be gone".

    It's really funny to watch the first time they have the tonic, especially if just mixed with pure water. (I put maybe a tsp. in 1/2 cup of warm water to help it dissolve, since it's rather thick, being in a base of clover honey). Bunny sniffed, drank some, licked her "lips", drank more, went to food, went back & drank more, a total of nine times. Since she's by herself, I saw the maybe 1/2 cup lasted her over two days, which was good as I didn't want her to over do it, either, if there can be such a thing. When Timmy was going thru the months of healing, the herbal tonic in water was the only thing he'd have on his own. I hand fed him off the tip of a feeder syringe for over 5 months. The first solid food he ate was Whiskas' Kit Nips. This helped his coat within 2 weeks, & then I read the label carefully, & found it had 5 animal protein sources! It still is one thing the guys have to choose from the 6-7 different foods they eat.

Q.)     How can I get the new Timmy's Total Tonic & Red Clover anti-tumor formulas?

A.)     I'm having a company who have six generations of herbal formulation experience put it together for me. They admitted that "it's the worlds' most difficult to produce herbal tonic. This is not just because of the many ingredients, but extra steps have to be taken to get the "good stuff" out of the herbs that no other company is willing to take. A "clone" is being sold by a MLM company for $35-55/bottle, BUT they get the herbs my company rejects for poor quality. This is their choice (the MLM co.) because they admit they "don't care about quality, just profit"!! They also don't take the additional steps, so that further reduces the potency of their product.

    I don't seek to make a living off this, just help as many ferrets & their owners as possible. I know thru Timmy's ordeal how hard it is when your small child is very sick, & how great it is when they are all better:) So unless my costs rise, I'm offering it at $22./bottle, plus shipping. The red clover formula is $20./bottle. All you have to do is tell me how many bottles you want, and how fast (I use Fedex & Airborne Express, so we can do overnight, or two day air), & I'll email the total cost & you can send me a check or money order. I'm not a "business", so don't take plastic money.

Q.)     What's the dosage & usage of the tonics?

A.)     I mix about a tsp. of Timmy's Total Tonic with about 1/2 cup warm water. When we only had the interim tonic, I'd add 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp of the red clover formula also. The Red Clover is specific anti-tumor so I'd use it with adrenal cases especially, though it's good for use against any cancer. It has no clover honey like Timmy's tonics, so is bitter in taste & needs to be mixed with something.

Q.)     My three ferrets are healthy so should I use your recipe under Timmy's Story or would I use the recipe from the Duck Soup web site?

A.)     The story recipe with the Chei Shei is where we started. The evolved current recipe has many good health promoting items so with my kids I use the current recipe for basic supplement. Timmy's current recipe is always on this web site. I feed Timmy's recipe as it has a lot more than any other recipe I've seen. I also went to things that had multiple ingredients to save time & hassle of preparation.

Q.)     Could any of these products cause a problem with my ferrets systems in any way since they do not seem to be ill? Or will it just enhance their health?

A.)     Oil soluble vit's like A, D, & E can be given to excess, that's why I limit the Ferratone, & state the dose of Pet Tinic of 1cc/day/ferret is what Dr. Brown Rx'd for Timmy. Pet Tinic does not have the previous oil soluble vits., but it has iron that can potentially be given too much. I'm sure that Dr. Browns dose is way below that which would cause a problem, but since mine are OK, I give it at less than half that dose.

Q.)     Do you make this everyday or do you make a batch and freeze it as with other duck soups?

A.)     I make it everyday, but have tried freezing, & it seems good, but does get more runny in consistancy. 

Q.)     Do you have any other advise for us? Your answer probably is feed them Totally Ferret and leave me alone. <grin>

A.)     Well, mine don't like T.F. worth a darn, so that's out:) I know lots of ferrets like it & do well on it, so my bottom line is do what works! On the other hand, I understand the early neutering that Marshall Farms was doing (4 weeks) many people feel contribute to the high cases of cancers in ferrets. I've heard of ferrets 10 months old getting cancers. Marshalls' is now down to 2 weeks of age neutering. Not good at all. With the understanding that cancer is a symptom of the immune system being vastly overloaded, I feel anything we can do on a daily basis to raise the level of health is easier than waiting for an obvious "disease" to appear.

    This includes not using unfiltered tap water, avoiding foods with Ethoxyquin & other syn thetic "preservatives" ; (don't forget a preservative that kills bacteria is on some level a poison, that includes the chlorine put into water & insecticides in food. Turkey Pro Plan uses organic grains, the only commercial pet food I know of doing this:).

    In the wild, the animals ferrets descended from eat the whole of their pray, including the grasses the pray has in it's stomach. That's the value of the greens in the Greens+ product. It also has specific anti-cancer herbs, so it's great in fruit juice that I have for breakfast.

    Ferrets are close enough to humans that they are used in lab research. (I wish that wasn't so, but that's another topic). Remember we can give & get the flu & colds from them, & I under stand their nervous systems are similar enough that anti-seizure drugs are tested on them. All the products I use except Pet Tinic are designed & sold for human consumption. I feel certain that I would not be harmed taking the Pet Tinic myself. I heard of a vet that flies to his clients in Alaska in his own plane, who keeps a bag of dry cat food behind his seat, as he stated it's about the highest nutrition & calorie per pound food in case he crashed somewhere & survival was at stake. What all this means, is that the steps we do for much of our health like clean water, etc. will help our ferrets health also.

    A person could take the stance to wait until a ferret's spleen is enlarged (considered an early warning sign as it's a prime part of the immune system), and then supplement the diet. [The best thing I've found specifically for swollen spleen is Colloidal silver, 1-4cc/day/ferret, & I only use silver wings brand, they have 270 & 500ppm, & very good quality & prices.] I prefer to try & fine tune their diet to aim toward optimum health. I also take vitamins and other supplemental for my health.

    A lot of people live carelessly then run to a doctor when obviously sick. By contrast, a regime that many people follow for themselves is to take vitamins & perhaps other supplements to help prevent "sickness", and "feel better". This is a personal decision on how to live. My guys at present seem healthy enough that I don't "freak out" if I'm very busy & miss a day of giving them the recipe. On the other hand, my Bunny was at one time falling into seizures & I set an alarm to feed her every 4 hours. I added the Deliver 2.0 as it has a high calorie formula that helps stabilize blood sugar for a longer period than "normal" food. It's fats also are "fractionated triglycerides" which means they are treated to be more easy to digest, & hence less stress on the system. It's certified for parenternal nutrition, which means tube feeding as a complete food in humans:). It's part of the recipe I feed now as I have 3 ferrets with adrenal symptoms, & two of 7 years+ age & are on the thin side. It also hides the taste of some of the bitter herbs. The big boys are about the same weight so I'm watching but not worried since they are very active.

    I myself am taking Timmy's Total Tonic to help my chronic fatigue. That's the original reason I bought the Chei Shei:) Maybe I should take the complete recipe? <grin>

    [BULLETIN: On NBC news Nightside, 10/16/97, at 3:00am they ran a story of farmers' land being poisoned to the point of being unusable! It may be this way for generations. They showed video of the farm & it looked baren like after an atom bomb went off. They traced the poison to the fertilizer that was used! Apparently, in some 28 states it is LEGAL to put TOXIC WASTE in fertilizer without even saying so on the packaging! A professor from Cal. University stated his work has shown that especially green, leafy vegetables will take in cadmium & other heavy metals from the soil/fertilizer. This is being put on food crops we eat, without either our knowledge, or even the farmers'! The story said the EPA is "looking into" changing lable requirements. NOTHING about STOPPING the practice was said!!! I stayed up 'til 5 am to tape the story, thinking I was dreaming, this could not be so! It was, and is, and I have it on tape!. I am able to digitize in into a quicktime movie, and if there is enough demand, I might be able to upload it to someones' web site or FTP site. Let me know if you are interested. ]